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TK04 TorreóN Test on the Road

四月 4, 2011 2 留言

TK04 TorreóN Test on the Road

四月 3, 2011 發表留言

C-Mount for the ProGear BL806 Robot Servo

一月 28, 2011 發表留言

First Robot Parts Designed By me have been manufacture at the factory. Just have received some of the test sample from the factory. It will be have a large stock at the mid of the March.


It can be fit with the ProGear BL806 Robot Servo.

IMG_6296 IMG_6291

for the TK04 TorreóN, Now have been done all the Parts for the Robot TK04, but still need to wait the factory for the C-Mount manufacture,

Test with the TK04 TorreóN.

IMG_6300 IMG_6301

TK04 TorreóN Gun Test & Laser Test

十二月 17, 2010 發表留言

TK04 TorreóN Project Start

十二月 8, 2010 發表留言

Finish the TK04 TorreóN Design a long time ago, but still busy for work. Didn’t have time to start the TK04 TorreóN Project before. Now Start.

Whole design for the TK04 TorreóN, have six legs , two 360 degree servo wheel, 7v Led Light, Gun, Camera, PS2 Control,






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