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TK05 Gemini ( Twins ) Robot

七月 6, 2011 發表留言


After received the DMP RS-1270 Robot Servo. I have need to update my design of TK05. When I know DMP Electronics INC have this product. I have a idea “ why not do a pair of twins robot ? “ it is same design. But the legs is different. It can show different servo power.

the Left Side – TK05-ProGear , the legs servo – ProGear BL806 Digital Robot Servo.

the Right Side – TK05-DMP , the legs servo – DMP RS-1270 Digital Robot Servo.

Next Month, I will be start the project.

The Final Test of TK04 TorreóN

四月 8, 2011 發表留言


finish the monitor & receiver mounting for the TK04 TorreóN. The TK04 Project will be stop at the moment. If have any update for this project , will be update ASAP.

The next job is repair the TK03 first, at the last month, TK03 have drop on the floor around 1m height. some of the parts are broken. also I have decide to replace the Kondo KHR-3HV foot on the TK03, & beautiful the cable routing for the TK03.

& remake the demo unit ( 4 servo Robot ) for the primary school.

then will be start the Project TK05.

this is the draft for the TK05. before TK05 project start, may be have some re-edit design for the Parts & the outlook.


TK04 TorreóN Project Start

十二月 8, 2010 發表留言

Finish the TK04 TorreóN Design a long time ago, but still busy for work. Didn’t have time to start the TK04 TorreóN Project before. Now Start.

Whole design for the TK04 TorreóN, have six legs , two 360 degree servo wheel, 7v Led Light, Gun, Camera, PS2 Control,






TK03 與 TK02 的尺寸對比

二月 6, 2010 發表留言

TK03-miniBlood , 不日製造 ,

六月 6, 2009 6 留言


未有主板 , 未有 controller , 未有 Servo , 只有外形 desgin , 同埋想完成 TK02 先 , 故此 TK03-miniBlood 不日製造 , 敬請留意。

新增各種 Servo Horn 的圖紙

四月 23, 2009 發表留言

為左各位網友繼續能夠方便設計機械人 , 我已將手頭上有的 Servo Horn 的尺寸畫在圖紙上 , 而且各位網友可以去到我上面 Banner 的網頁 Download 啦。當然都可以幫我買啦 , 唔買睇下都得架 , 圖紙以後仲會不斷更生的。



The Modification of Robot TK02’s Leg

二月 21, 2009 發表留言
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