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TK05 Gemini – Finish all electronics & brush parts

十二月 3, 2011 2 留言

TK05 ProGear – project status.

  • finish all brush parts
  • finish all electronics connections
  • have been test PS2 controller
  • have been program some of the action. example : walk front , walk left , walk right.
  • Future update with program :

    example : walk back , fight , shoot ball ,

TK05 DMP – project status.

  • finish all brush parts
  • finish all electronics connections
  • have been test PS2 controller
  • will start programming :

    example : walk front , walk left , walk right , fight , shoot ball , ( jump ?)
    IMG_0563 IMG_0562

Finish the TK05 Gemini ( ProGear )

十一月 11, 2011 發表留言

Yesterday just finish brush all the parts & finish the electronics part for the TK05 ProGear.

IMG_0473 IMG_0451
  inside the body

about electronics part, TK05 is different then TK03 or TK04.

TK05 didn’t have ArmBoard inside, TK05 just have a MT-SC31SQ ( pdf file ), The MT-SC31SQ direct support the PS2 Adapter ( pdf file ), So I can direct control all the action with the wireless PS2 joystick. Also the programming is easy then before, No C programming. You just need you mouse click the servo angle, servo speed & save it at any location.

below have a walk video, I just program it in 5 mins.

Today , a new parts make in the factory have been received.

The PC-02 Carbon Plate, it is make with 1mm thick Carbon sheet. Also the PC-02 is support with ProGear BL806 Robot Servo & RoBoard RS-1270 Robot Servo. Below have some sample.

IMG_0475 IMG_0476
IMG_0477 IMG_0481
install it at TK05 ProGear install it with the RoBoard RS-1270


IMG_0484 IMG_0486

TK05 Gemini – body update

九月 26, 2011 發表留言

TK05 Gemini ( Twins ) – continue

九月 21, 2011 發表留言

Want to start TK05 Project

七月 25, 2011 發表留言

At this month, my job make me crazy & busy, that didn’t have many time to do my TK05 Project. But I still have some mins to test with the legs design of TK05 Gemini ( Twins ).
I ask my friend Peter help me make a new Aluminum Sheet Metal ( AP-02 ) for testing. It is good with his CNC work. 





Attached some of the photo for the TK05 testing legs. The AP-02 is a sheet metal can link up two Servo. It can work with ProGear BL806 & the RoBoard RS-1270.

TK05 Gemini ( Twins ) Robot

七月 6, 2011 發表留言


After received the DMP RS-1270 Robot Servo. I have need to update my design of TK05. When I know DMP Electronics INC have this product. I have a idea “ why not do a pair of twins robot ? “ it is same design. But the legs is different. It can show different servo power.

the Left Side – TK05-ProGear , the legs servo – ProGear BL806 Digital Robot Servo.

the Right Side – TK05-DMP , the legs servo – DMP RS-1270 Digital Robot Servo.

Next Month, I will be start the project.

The new Robot Servo RoBoard RS-1270

六月 24, 2011 發表留言

A new robot servo RS-1270 come in my stock. Servos are make in Tai Wan DMP Electronics Inc. The Servo is good for make a human robot.
The Servo Spec:
Coreless servo motor
Digital 4096 with steel gear and 2 ball bearings
Back-horn design
Weight: 70g
Size : 40.4 x 20.1 x 40.3 (mm)
Torque force: 35.0 kg-cm@7.4V / 486.0 oz-in@7.4V
Speed: 0.11 sec/60 degrees
Voltage: 6.0 ~ 7.4 V, suggested 7.4V



I just test my servo C-mount CA-01, it is can be fix with the RoBoard RS-1270.

The Servo Price : USD$80 ( not include shipping charge )
Need a quotation with shipping charge? Send me a E-mail :


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