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四月 3, 2016 發表留言

設計機械人唔難,因為已有很多很多經驗,現在感到困難的其實是教其他人製作,一方面生產成本上非常貴,另一方面是因為生產量不多,所以又很難有更多用户反映意見,教學方面,今年已是第三年到學校,發覺其實給學生或 User 一本組装說明書是非常重要的,先不要理寫的清不清楚,但有總比沒有的好。


Repair & Change Parts for TK03

四月 21, 2011 發表留言

After many usage of TK03, & drop on the floor around 1m height. TK03 need to change some of the damaged parts.

At the few mouths ago, When I go Japan & buy the Kondo KHR-3HV plastic foot & want to install at the TK03. Now it is a chance for change it at the same time.

after change parts & the foot, TK03 have need to fine turn the program again.

03_01 03_03

The Final Test of TK04 TorreóN

四月 8, 2011 發表留言


finish the monitor & receiver mounting for the TK04 TorreóN. The TK04 Project will be stop at the moment. If have any update for this project , will be update ASAP.

The next job is repair the TK03 first, at the last month, TK03 have drop on the floor around 1m height. some of the parts are broken. also I have decide to replace the Kondo KHR-3HV foot on the TK03, & beautiful the cable routing for the TK03.

& remake the demo unit ( 4 servo Robot ) for the primary school.

then will be start the Project TK05.

this is the draft for the TK05. before TK05 project start, may be have some re-edit design for the Parts & the outlook.


TK04 TorreóN Test on the Road

四月 3, 2011 發表留言

TK04 TorreóN – Camera Test

三月 29, 2011 發表留言

TK04 TorreóN Program Test – Turn Left & Turn Right

三月 28, 2011 發表留言

TK04 TorreóN Transform Car Mode

三月 23, 2011 發表留言
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