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Finish the TK05 Gemini ( ProGear )

十一月 11, 2011 發表留言

Yesterday just finish brush all the parts & finish the electronics part for the TK05 ProGear.

IMG_0473 IMG_0451
  inside the body

about electronics part, TK05 is different then TK03 or TK04.

TK05 didn’t have ArmBoard inside, TK05 just have a MT-SC31SQ ( pdf file ), The MT-SC31SQ direct support the PS2 Adapter ( pdf file ), So I can direct control all the action with the wireless PS2 joystick. Also the programming is easy then before, No C programming. You just need you mouse click the servo angle, servo speed & save it at any location.

below have a walk video, I just program it in 5 mins.

Today , a new parts make in the factory have been received.

The PC-02 Carbon Plate, it is make with 1mm thick Carbon sheet. Also the PC-02 is support with ProGear BL806 Robot Servo & RoBoard RS-1270 Robot Servo. Below have some sample.

IMG_0475 IMG_0476
IMG_0477 IMG_0481
install it at TK05 ProGear install it with the RoBoard RS-1270


IMG_0484 IMG_0486

TK04 TorreóN Program Test

一月 1, 2011 發表留言

After Connect the Cables ,

TK04 TorreóN need to have some small testing with the programming,

the first Video is take by the camera,


the second Video is take by the 2.4G Self Camera at the TK04 TorreóN,


Keep On making TK04 TorreóN

十二月 22, 2010 發表留言

TK04 TorreóN Gun Test & Laser Test

十二月 17, 2010 發表留言

Robot TK03 – robot hand control with the analog mode

十一月 15, 2010 發表留言

Robot TK03 have been program a new function , the robot hand can control with the PS2 Joystick using the VR button.

TK03 新進度

三月 2, 2010 發表留言

經過連日來的製作 , 已加上腰部及把兩塊 SQ21 version 2 安裝在 TK03 的背包上 ,




十年前的垃圾還有用 , USB to RS232 converter

二月 17, 2010 發表留言

新年前電腦節的時候去左買 notebook , 一般價 $4300 Lenovo G450G , 現時市面上的 notebook 都已經沒有 RS232 的傳輸介面 , 就在新年大掃除時找到十年前買的 USB to RS232 converter , 正好可把這個 converter 放到 notebook 用 , 在 win7 安装這個 converter 的 windows 2000 driver , 再接上 Victor ( MCU.HK ) 出的新 SQ21 及 ProGear GL4315 360度 Servo , 全部測試 OK ,

IMG_1516_resize IMG_1511_resize
IMG_1512_resize IMG_1513_resize
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