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連續的 Event

十二月 11, 2012 發表留言

一連兩星期參加了兩個香港的機械人 Event,這兩次的 Event 皆是以 Hong Kong Maker Club 的身份參加的,首先是參加了由 “CTEA 創意科技教育協會” 主辦的 “創意科技機械人大賽”,這項活動最主要是機械車足球比賽,而我負責的是在台上和其他的二足機械人表演一下。



另外一個是由民政署主辦的 “2012 / 13年秋冬上環假日行人坊”,這項活動是每星期也有不同主題的,而其中 Hong Kong Maker Club 參加的是名為 I.T. Fun Day 的活動,我們 Hong Kong Maker Club 申請了四個攤位,其中一個攤位交給了 DimSum Lab 及 MakiBox。




創新科技嘉年華2010 ( InnoCarnival 2010 )

十一月 5, 2010 1 則迴響

At the 6/Nov/2010 – 14/Nov/2010, Hong Kong Science Park will have a function InnoCarnival 2010.

The information come from Hong Kong S.A.R. Government Web-Site :

InnoCarnival 2010

InnoCarnival 2010 will be centred around three main themes, namely Robotics Innovation and Technology, Intelligent Living as well as Green Technology, Various programme partners will set up their booths / pavilions to showcase their innovative works and achievements in technology.

A wide range of activities will be available in the InnoCarnival, such as a showcase of the latest research outputs of local universities and research institutes as well as innovative inventions from different sectors of the community, introduction and display of students’ winning entries, innovation and technology competitions, interactive games, seminars and talks, innovation workshops and guided tours. In addition, Vice-Chancellors and distinguished scholars from a number of local universities will share their invaluable views on he latest development of innovation and technology in a series of seminars to be held during the carnival.

All activities of InnoCarnival 2010 are free-of-charge. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation.

Robot TK03

My Robot TK03 also will be stay at the Science Park at these days, I have been setup a small display unit to show the products, TK03 will be play with the guest. If you are interest to make a robot, or want to know more about, pls come to visit us.

I will be there at the 6/Nov/2010, 7/Nov/2010, 13/Nov/2010 & 14/Nov/2010.


IMG_5270 IMG_5272

香港電台 – ABU 亞太廣播聯盟機械人大賽記者招待會

十一月 3, 2010 發表留言

今天走到香港電台參加了ABU 亞太廣播聯盟機械人大賽的記者招待會,會中邀請了很多製造機械人的朋友上台講解一下製作機械人的心得,高海峰、Rex 及我 BloodKeith 這個小小的製造者也是其中之一啊,會上也發報了 香港是 2012 年 Robocon 的主辦地方,會邀請很多高手來香港作賽, ,另外大會也邀請了歌星古巨基先生作為大會的機械人宣傳大使。


IMG_5236IMG_5239 IMG_5251IMG_5256 IMG_5258ABU_4


機械人宣傅大使 古巨基先生

Robot TK02 show at FILMART(香港國際影視展)

三月 26, 2010 2 留言

TK02 @ 電腦節 2009 Part 1 & Part 2

一月 21, 2010 發表留言

HKICT Awards

一月 20, 2010 發表留言

電腦節2009 – 機械人表演

一月 17, 2010 2 留言
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