T5 HammerHead Shark sell Overseas

Before you click the buy Button, you need to know,

Payment are not include delivery charge ( out of Hong Kong ), we will send out a quotation to you for delivery.

Product Spec:
Dimension : 490h x 390w x 198d
Weight : 2.99kg
Control unit : PeterOne Servo Controller & USB Adapter
Communication : BlueTooth
Battery : 5000mAh – for Servo, 900mAh – for Control Unit
Servo : 17pcs Roboard RS-1270 ( 35kg.cm @ 7.4v ) ( 0.11sec @ 60 degree )

Taobao Shop http://goo.gl/eb3O8B

T5 Catalog PDF version http://goo.gl/0xsaMo
China TaoBao Channel
AliPay goo.gl/F1DpLo
Hong Kong & Macau & World Wide Channel
PayPal goo.gl/7xCC5G
TaiWan Channel
TaiWan distributor goo.gl/lHpWxY


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