T5 HammerHead Shark Product Version

The T5 HammerHead Shark Robot is ready to sell on the market, it is the most good design, powerful, stable product. We can provide to our customers. If you want to have the T5 HammerHead Shark Robot, pls contact us by the following channel:

  1. Email: triroboticx@gmail.com
  2. FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/trirobotics
  3. Come to see a demo. We locate Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.
  4. Call us if you live at HK or already come to HK. (852) 23229105

Video 1 : motion of the T5 HammerHead Shark

Video 2 : slow motion of the HammerHead Shark

Video 3 : advertising film

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