Complete all mechanical works for the TK04 TorreóN

I have been designed & made the first parts CA-01 for the ProGear BL806 Robot Servo. This C-mount design by me & manufacture at the factory. I have waiting a long time of this CA-01 for complete my TK04 TorreóN.

IMG_7744_resize C-Mount CA-01,
material : aluminum 7075
Aluminum thick : 1.5mm
color :

1. aluminum (Original)
2. Red (Oxidation)

IMG_7748_resize the CA-01 include two black washer,


Red (Oxidation) – HKD$35 / each

aluminum (Original) – HKD$28 / each

CA-01 user manual – PDF


now I just need to play attendtion for program the TK04 TorreóN, to complete it ASAP.

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