TK03 have been finish all the metal work & whole body

My new Human Robot have been finish all the metal work today. Following I will show some of the photo & discuss the different between TK02 & TK03.


The Left side is the TK02 & Right side is the TK03, they are same height, TK02 weight about 4.5kg & TK03 weight about 2.5kg.

TK02 use TowerPro MG995 digital servo, the MG995 servo quality is bad, & the torque is too low. TK03 have use the ProGear BL806 Digital Robot Servo, the quality much more better then the MG995, also the torque is higher then the MG995.

because the MG995 design is for the racing car use, then we need to build more parts to fix the servo on the robot. TK03 project choose the robot servo this time, then is no need to make more parts for the robot, so the TK03 robot is lighten then the TK02, & servo will run at a good condition.


front of the TK03, TK03 & TK02 also use 2pcs servo controller, 1pc arm board, PS2 joystick adapter, but the TK03 body is smaller then the TK02, because Victor ( have designed a new servo controller for the robot , it is easy to connect all servo for the robot, each SQ21 servo controller can connect 21 servo, Arm board for control 2 pcs servo controller & receive command from the PS2 adapter & joystick.


Servo location at the body, TK02 make a wrong location of the servo, the problem is at the top servo of the leg. When I program TK02, I find that when TK02 shift to left or right, TK02 have to get more power to action, because the servo is not near to body center, TK03 have correct this problem at the design stage.


because the TK03 is lighten then TK02, Servo is much more better then before, servo location is correct. these make TK03 can stand without power up the servo.

P.S. I know that my English is not good, but I am trying to write with english, because I want to connect more people can understand how to make robot, hope you can understand my writing & also you can buy servo from me.


  1. Florence
    三月 22, 2010 at 1:43 下午

    Nice! I can’t imagine that is a hand-making model~

  2. BloodKeith
    三月 22, 2010 at 11:27 下午

    Hello TangFlorence , Yes , it is a Hand making model .

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